Bio Art – (Blog Post 01)

Numerous of provocative artists today manipulates with biotechnology, they work with engineers, doctors and scientists to aid converting and transforming their own bodies into works of art, creating the chimera of perfection with the artists will.

— Project Pandrogeny —

Sex Work… Occultism… Gender Issues… A diverse number of themes explored by English musician, writer, poet and performance artist, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (b.1950). S/he is most famous for the work “Project Pandrogeny”, a collaborative project with his/her wife Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge (b.1969) in which both trying to create an amalgam of their two selves. Project Pandrogeny consists of themes such as deep interpersonal coupling, transformation, postgenderism as well as Androgyny.


The term Androgyny could be defined as a condition of having both female and male characteristics in either bodily appearance, attitudes, and behavior, for those who describe themselves as androgynies, often claim that fitting into society’s gender roles is a distress for them. In this case, Genesis P-Orridge has taken this one stage further and developed the concept of “Pandrogyny”, a chimera of gender.


“Pandrogyny is the conscious embracing of gender roles, sexual orientations, or cultural traditions to render the person’s original identity completely indecipherable. It is the “third gender”, a type of gender-neutral living being more akin to the OTHER…a pandrogyne is about making one’s life (a brief existence) into an art form.” – Genesis


Eduardo Kac (b.1962), a Brazilian-American “transgenic artist” who also uses biotechnology to aid his work. In his first work “Genesis”, he planned to create a dichotomy between biblical injunctions against tampering with nature. Eduardo Kac took a verse from the bible and translated it into Morse code, and have it converted into the base pairs of genetics and he grew an unspecified bacterium in a petri dish for implanting the resulting genes into it.

— Ear on Arm —

Stelarc (b.1946 – “Stelios Arcadiou”, legally changed his name in 1972), a Cypriot-Australian artist that focuses heavily on the use of technology to extend the capacities of the human body as well as how our body becoming increasingly obsolete at the same time. Stelarc’s states that he is neither utopian or a dystopian, and in this age of time human being are progressively extending themselves into the environment and the technological artifacts, and thus, the transformation of human into both zombies and cyborgs occurs.


“The possibilities of people anywhere being able to listen at any time to what’s going on, if I’m in Perth and you’re in London or in New York or wherever I am, you’ll be able to listen in to what my ear is hearing.” – Stelarc

The EXTRA EAR was originally planned as an ear on the side of Stelarc’s head, the process of this transformation for the 1/4 scale ear involved growing small replicas of his ear using living cells. However, it has altered into another project “THE EAR ON ARM” which involved a surgical construction of a full-sized ear on Stelarc’s forearm, one that would transmit the sounds it hears. The work “THE EAR ON ARM” seeks the body as an extended operational system, which also extrudes its awareness and experience. Another alternate functionality, aside from the remote listening, is the idea of the ear functioning as an extended and distributed Bluetooth system.



Images used in Project Pandrogeny:




Images used in Ear on Arm:




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