Post-Internet Art

Post – Internet Art

Hito Steyerl, is an artist that takes the original formation of the net/internet art and takes it to a new level of creativity. Net art are artworks from the 1990s- 2000s that was art made to be right in the web, for example The Godlove Museum by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn in 1999-2006.


Even now this artwork can be seen online at and it’s an amazing experience to watch this artwork and all its parts come to life on the screen. Considering its age its interesting to note that the website gives you its own warning about how it might not work on Chrome as it is made when internet explorer was the dominating website browser on PC.

Of the age of youtube where everything and anything can be posted online for anyone to watch it has become an amazing platform for Artists to get their name out there. And Hito Steyerl takes it to a whole new level and makes a name for herself. “Hito Steyerl: the Post-Internet walked off-screen and straight into the white cube.” (, 2016)

Steyerl’s artwork How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educations .MOV File shows an interesting view of how some people are able to disappear in an age of total over-visibility ( 2016). And this can easily be seen in a world of social media and the posting of wanting to be known and showing off their lives no matter how mundane.

So it is awesome to see how the post internet age takes the same aspects of the net age, but instead of it all being made on the web for the web it takes the internet themes of life and adds it to the real world.

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