Mixed Reality


Our physical space is more and more interactive with the virtual world as the developing technology. Through the wearable equipment and the internet, people can easily achieve the idea of augmented virtuality or augmented reality, which suggesting a future world that every aspect of our life will be surrounded by these technologies. The concept film of Hype-Reality by Keiichi Matsuda presented an imaged future world. The ever-changing cityscape created by the combination of the physical and virtual realities offered tremendous possibilities of the future and controls our way to interpret the world.

Hyper-Reality was 6 minutes short film and was present in first person perspective. Matsuda believed his film was more likely as a criticized design. The film was full of ironic sense, which the artist exaggerated visual effect which allowing the virtual windows pop up from all kinds of things(such as buildings, roads, etc.), which present an augmented future reality.A feature that ran through Matsuda’s film was the game oriented designs. The settings in the video games were implied into the real world; the points gained through different acts stimulates people to purchase or do different things, even the religious preference was set as a game in the film. Mastuda explained, “Game is the best way to manipulate people to do things, I think when you are in a world which filled by different media, and you want to stimulate purchase or other acts, then all of this becomes natural.”


Pokémon Go is a Nintendo developed smartphone game which employed AR technology. The game uses the GPS system to guide the players to track the Pokémon, and when the player traveled around, the virtual creatures will pop up on your screen. Some Pokémon is urban, some rural, and some only come out at night. Players will have to travel “far and wide” to find them all.

The implantation of technology and the real world brought a craze along with the game, as well as many concerns, such as privacy and many other issues. An Egyptian telecommunication department officer claimed this game should be banned, as sharing photographs or videos of prohibited security zone may expose these areas to risks. Megan Jula in The New York Times commented that the game has its perils. American police have issues warnings to Pokémon Go players about the danger about the risks of walking, and even driving, while playing the game. And Jula was also concerned about one of the features of the game may be used for nefarious ends( the virtual lure which attracts the Pokémon to an area for a short time). Already, three men in Missouri have been arrested for using a lure to entice teenagers to a secluded spot and then robbing them at gunpoint.


Black Mirror, a British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker, revealed the murky relationship between humans and technology. In the latest season, this program also investigated into the concept of AR and VR in the game industry.

“The second episode, Playtest, has an American tourist lured to a British game development studio to test a new augmented reality horror game that engages directly with each player’s brain via a bio-robotics implant. The AI program mines the character’s darkest fears and manifests them into the real-world as photorealistic graphics. Inevitably, terror and mental breakdown follow.”


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