Augmented and Mixed Reality

The idea of reality and the ways it can be changed within in the art world, augmented reality has come into focus this year with the release of Pokemon GO, and virtual reality has been in play for the las couple of years with the release of the first Oculus Rift back in 2012 but now has also come back into focus this year with a lot of other companies bring forth their own versions, such as the HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR systems.

Image result for pokemon go
Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and has changed the way people are viewing and playing games on the go, the augmentation of reality is taken from when trying to find and catch pokemon in the real world. This is done by using when finding a pokemon and through your camera you can find and capture, and its getting a lot more people into it than expected. People who didn’t even grow up with the series are getting into it and it’s a great way to bring augmented reality and bring it to the attention of more and more people and its mixes the real with the virtual.

Another way in which even film and TV have shown the effects that of augmenting reality in different ways. This can be seen in the Netflix original show Black Mirror that shows a lot of different ways in which the world can be augmented in the future. In its latest season their first episode to air is called “Nosedive” and it takes the world of social media and its rating system to a whole new level of extreme. In this episode, your life is almost controlled by your rating in life and how it effects how you are seen in your society, it also shows how popularity can control your life and how it effects your self-worth.


In another episode, known as Playtest it takes Virtual reality to a whole new extreme, it plays around with the aspect of getting lost in a virtual world and how a simple “haunted” mansion can turn into a nightmare and while it feels like you have been in the world for hours, for the people surrounding you time has only passed for a mere second. It brings the horror elements of gaming to a whole new high and makes it seem even more horrifying, taking your real life experiences and turning them into your worst nightmare.


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