Art Within The Gaming World.

I feel as though the amount of effort put into games to make them what they are, never get the appreciation of being represented as artworks in the contemporary age. Many people believe that games do not a have a hidden meaning behind them that artists alike have in their works, but games are also a digital invention that incorporates artworks into their stories and the world that you explore.

“Games are less a work of literature and more of a kind of grammar – a set of possibilities that create meaning as they are mixed and matched, used and misused through play. Games may never look like art as we know it because they are simply different than the masterpiece model of the work of fine art.” – Eric Zimmerman, 2014

This comes from the world of fine arts and so I don’t think that in the contemporary digital age that this is always true, for example a game like American McGee’s Alice and Alice the Madness returns. It takes the original story of Alice and Wonderlands and it darken and twists the ideals and shows what might have and could have happened to Alice in that time and it just bring up the meaning of how people’s minds can be corrupted and changed based upon the people they interact with. And the world that is created is hauntingly beautiful, in 2011 Game spot awarded the game “Best Graphics, Artistic”, so it is still not a piece of art or is it still just a game?


Apparently in June of 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that video games should be considered an art form. (Smithsonian, 2012) And to be fair I have to agree that games depending are artworks in their own right and in the digital age I don’t think that it is an uncommon opinion, but there are those who do not agree as it does not confine to the rules and understanding of what art Is in the fine arts world.

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