New Romance: Art and the Post-human

The New Romance exhibition at the MCA displayed many interesting and inspirational works on life forms that I have not quite thought about before . I found the collaboration between the Australian and Korean artists very amusing, allowing us to experience an insight of a different culture’s art and practice. Each work portrayed the theme of post-human very well as the artists experimented with many aspects of human life and their surroundings. The work most intriguing to me was Wonbin Yang’s Species Series which consisted of an ecosystem of urban waste robots, each possessing a distinctive characteristic. This artist focused on the concepts of adaptation and evolution, creating insect-like robots that he imagines to develop in our city in the future. Within the contemporary cities, he assumes that new life forms are capable of being generated. From this idea, he also produced short documentary videos for each robot’s life cycle within its natural environment. Wonbin Yang’s creation of new life forms through waste products and technology is very captivating, challenging my thoughts of life in the future.




Author: z5109839_CP

Design student from UNSW Arts & Design

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