New Romance: Art and the Posthuman

By visiting the MCA, I’ve seen a lot of interesting artworks and developed a sense of understanding to media art.

The works that I most interested were Wonbin Yang’s ‘Species Series’. In his set of work, he created a series of robotic creatures which were made by urban wastes. The works were exhibited in the MCA were: ‘Calicem Volvens’, two disposable coffee cups which travels back and forth all the time; ‘Segnisiter Continuus’, wasted newspaper which has two moving parts that allows it to travel around and ‘Umbra Infractus’, an abandoned broken umbrella, the umbrella frames are like its legs allows it to move and dance around.

These set of works were very interesting as it seemed like the artist created an ecosystem for these creatures, a society of wastes robotic creatures. The different behavioral pattern of each creature gave themselves an unique personality which I think it kind also replicates the human society in a sense.


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