New Romance Exhibition : Art & The Posthuman

Perpetual Snow 2015 by Kibong Rhee

Perpetual Snow (2015) is a kinetic sculpture that intertwines the human act of writing and the environmental phenomenon of falling snow. It consists of a thin metal apparatus that moves a life-size silicone arm (modelled on the arm of the artist) holding a white marker pen in programmed sequences across the glass panel. The timing of the viewing experience is significant, as over the course of the exhibition, the arm slowly covers the glass in white ink, becoming increasingly obscured until it is rendered almost invisible behind a field of thickening ‘snow’.

This artwork appealed to me the most because of the background story behind it. The artist talks about how robots are being created to do almost everything nowadays, and could probably create paintings as well. The artist also jokes about how he wouldn’t have to paint anymore as his robots will do all the work for him in the future as he sits back and relax.

His words got me thinking, would other artists want a robot to do all the work for them as well? If they do, how will there be any commercial value to their work as they weren’t done individually by hand.




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