New Romance Exhibition : Art & The Posthuman:

AIRAN KING: Digital Book Project 2016

The Digital Book Project is an art installation made of over 100 custom plastic electronic books illuminated by led technology.

The work explores the idea of the book as a symbol of human knowledge and our changing relationship to the physical objects as we move into the future and rely more on the virtual world. The work plays with the idea of the book as something that goes beyond the physical objects,  and exploring the realm of the virtual world and the changing ways on how we store and and collect information.

I chose this installation because the work itself is visually stunning and the illuminated effect really captured my imagination and made me feel as if I was somewhere between the physical and virtual world. It made me think about my own self and how I go about obtaining and storing information, as well as my relationship to technology. As we look in to the future, we have an endless access to information but the way we consume it is rapidly changing. There is so much information that is available to us but we don’t spend enough time absorbing it as we continuously move onto the next thing putting less value on knowledge sharing.

The projects really opens up your mind about our relationship with technology, the future of knowledge and how we will store information in the future.

Mark Gonzales


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