New Romance: Art and the Posthuman

I have seen and gone to many art exhibitions in the past, many were intriguing, others may have been a little on the bland side (might have been that they hadn’t caught my interests  as much as the others). But never have I been to an exhibition like New Romance, and out of all of the artwork that was there I had never been so interested in the artwork that is called “Perpetual Snow”.

Perpetual Snow is a 2015 art work made by Kibong Rhee. It is a amazingly large artwork. It is a kinetic sculpture that intertwines the human act of writing with the environmental phenomenon of falling snow.

‘Water embodies life’s fleetingness, existing somewhere between the spiritual and physical worlds’

What I liked the most about this art work was that even though the hand is mechanical, and usually when I see something that has mechanics behind it I usually get the idea that what ever it does, it is going to do it perfectly. But from what I saw as I looked at what was represented as snow drawn in white marker across the glass, was imperfect circles.
And this is what got me interested, that the flaws that were being made also reflected how we are humans can’t be able to draw a circle same at the exact same time, but when I watch the mechanical hand, made out of silicon do the same thing I expect the result to come out looking like a neat and tidy circle. Instead what I am left with is deformed and almost defective looking circles. But in a way this might represent the environmental element of this artwork, that nature itself isn’t going to always create something perfect.

That was just my thoughts on this artwork! The out come looks amazing and its just so interesting to see the imperfections in something that I would consider perfect.


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