New Romance: Art and the Posthuman

Grace Rose –


‘Alone with the Gods’ (2016), an instillation work by Peter Hennessy and Patricia Piccinini featured in the Museum of Contemporary Arts exhibition ‘New Romance’, was a work which immediately grasped by attention. The combination of a created post apocalyptic setting, as well as the discomfort while facing these fleshy dehumanized beings brought a sense of curiosity while walking around the work. The weathered furniture featured in the work is creatively juxtaposed by contemporary lamps which are reflected by shattered mirrors placed on the walls. Both artists create an immersive experience for the viewer as the audience placed into a narrative of a isolationist cult. A video is played in the center of the work which describes the cults demise, providing a detailed context for the work.

Scattered throughout the instillation, both artists have created these somewhat human figures. The initial response to these skin covered, hairy beings is to step closer and examine the emergence detail which has been out into these sculptures. Both both artists have creatively made these exceedingly realistic beings which have human features such as wrinkles and hair, yet have these horrific fleshy growths.

I thoroughly enjoyed the enveloping experience both artists were able to create. The interesting narrative behind the work assisted the instillation in creating a realistic setting which the viewer was able to be totally immersed in.

mca 1





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