New Romance: Art and the Post-Human

Natasha Banicevic, z5075983


The most conceptually fascinating artwork at the MCA was the piece with the slowly moving Macdonald’s and Starbucks rubbish. This piece was deeply moving as the audience was forced to wake up to the consumerist values that are driving the first world whilst simultaneously destroying the planet. We are forced to question what is important in our life, is it the brands and the glamour we are brainwashed with through bold colours and inviting words? Or is the affect we are having on the planet as we give in to the multi-million companies whilst turning a blind eye to the repercussions. The artwork also portrayed themes of social class, as often it is the people with more money in society who buy this glamourous take away food, yet ultimately the food ends up on the cold ground, floating around people who call the street their home who can’t afford to buy this exact food, yet have to live with the rubbish.


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