New Romance: Art and the Post-Human

Elouise Paabo z5059584- Week 3 Blogpost

One of the most fascinating artworks from the Museum of Contemporary Art on Wednesday the 3rd of August, was located in the room directly to the right of the entrance to the museum. As you walked into the room there seemed to be different pieces scattered across the room, nothing particularly being linked in any way. However, as you walked through the pieces the work slowly came together as you realised you were walking through a living room. The concept of this piece made the audience member feel voyeuristic as we were intrigued by the way this “character” (who we didn’t see) lived.

The audience was invited to walk through their kitchen, their living room with the piano and the lounge area. At first this seemed completely fine, yet slowly, after closer inspection things began to seem a little out of place. This made us question what we believe is real as the real world we know now, was merged with an alien world. Futuristic aspects also merged with what felt like an era from long ago as the lounge room also transported you to another place from another time, but which time exactly, it is hard to configure, almost like a time that has never quite existed in this world, but another world.

The artwork also portrayed themes of voyeurism, depicting references to the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, as the artwork allowed patrons to dig deeper into the heart of their humanity and reach the point of our consciousness that desires to watch other people and see the way they live and find out as much as possible about other people. Therefore this makes us question where are the boundaries in privacy?


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