New Romance – Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Wonbin YANG (1980)


The works Segnisiter continuus (2012) and Umbra infractus (2012) were probably for me the most intriguing artworks during the exhibition. Before coming across the artworks during the tour, the only thought that came into mind was ‘how could someone throw garbage in an art exhibition’. But that wasn’t until after taking a closer look, and seeing them move. From further listening, reading, and researching, I found that the concept of Wonbin Yang’s Species series was to create an ecosystem of insect-like robots. With the purpose that they could thrive in a city. Other aspects that connected me with the artwork was the subject idea and how Wonbin Yang used everyday waste.

This aspect of using everyday waste to form an art piece connected me with the artwork, however in unusual ways. Thinking back to holidays and visiting family in Korea the artwork brought back strange memories of the amount of paper waste in the streets of Korea. During spring in countries like Australia, the wind blows leaves and grass clippings whilst in contrast to Korea, it’s usually newspapers, fast food wrappers or tissues.




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